Project London Official Trailer!

Here’s the official trailer for Project London. My film score is finished minus a couple of revisions!

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Project London

I’ve been busy lately working on my first feature film score! It’s an all volunteer sci fi film with big robots and spaceships which are pretty much my favorite things in the world. We were just featured in Wired Magazine UK and I am excited as we’re getting close to finishing the film. Here are a few links:

Project London Official Site

Project London Blog


Free Marathona Remix

A dubstep remix I did for LA band, Marathona. Find them on Facebook, they have a debut EP coming soon!

“Wolverine Eyes” featured on “Bezdna Radio Essentials 021”

“Wolverine Eyes” was featured on Silent Flow‘s collection, “Bezdna Radio Essentials 021”. The compilation is free, so click the link to download.


New collaborative album: The Great Exchange

I had the chance to produce a 4 song EP with Kyle Turver and some other friends from University Presbyterian Church. I’m pleased with the album and especially pleased to say (thanks to Kyle for covering our mastering costs) it’s available completely FREE.

From the release page:

This EP is a project that we did for two reasons: First, because we believe that worship should be rooted in the truth of scripture and the history of the Church, and second because we believe worship is a-stylistic. We hope to represent a wide variety of styles as we do music that is both new and ancient. For this EP, the electronic style is like the glue that holds it all together. We have done these songs in a way that is nearly impossible to reproduce but we encourage you to take what we have done and make your own arrangements that will fit your own worshiping context. Feel free to email us with questions or to request charts.

“Grace” featured on German National Public Radio Show

It was fun to discover that “Grace” from “Sound/Rhythm/Melody” was featured on Breitband, a German public radio show about internet trends. Thanks to Frank Beutell for informing me. If you understand German or like to hear familiar words like “Wesley Slover” or “Seattle” jump out of a string of foreign language, you can listen to the show here.

“This Wandering Winter” full length free from

It’s been great working with the guys from the Polish label Qunabu to release my most recent electronic album. If you’d like you can get the free download or order a really slick looking physical copy. I’d also suggest checking out the other music Qunabu offers, I’m a big fan. Here’s a few words about “This Wandering Winter”:

Throughout the past winter I’ve become inspired by the muted atmosphere of gray clouds, the reflected lights on rainy evenings, and the sun occasionally breaking through to shed new light on the city. This is expressed through ambient electronic styles, seeking to provide music that is relaxing but has dynamic and depth. Whether it’s winter or a rainy summer day, “This Wandering Winter” is the music to accompany it.

“This is not my Home” used in a documentarty short

I was pleased to share “This is not my Home” with University Presbyterian Church to present Matt Whitney’s Advent painting.  Artist and UPC member, Matt Whitney was invited to paint through the season of Advent (the four weeks leading up to Christmas) on the theme of Yesterday, Today, and Forever.  He worked at a variety of services where people could take part in the image coming to life.  That’s enough said by me, watch the short video if you want to learn more!